2022: The Year Of Filipe Toledo

When the year’s final event rolled into town, most punters had good money on the Brazilian natural footer. The mostly small but perfect waves that Trestles could produce were his favourite waves in the world, and if he wasn’t going to win, he would go down fighting.

As it was, he won every heat in the contest and went on to win that coveted world title that he had been gunning for over the previous five years. He sat back and watched while Italo Ferreira and Kanoa Igarashi fought it out. At the same time, Jack Robinson came up against Ferreira, and Ethan Ewing came out swinging against Ferreira. By the time it was his turn to compete, Italo had already surfed three gruelling heats. It was the best of three, and Toledo shut the door in Italo in two.

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