How to stay fit for surfing (when there are no waves)

In addition to strengthening exercises, cardio and paddle practice are other crucial aspects of surf training that can prove the difference between a great session and an embarrassing wipeout.

Surfing is, after all, a way more demanding sport than many people give it credit for.

And because your cardio levels will be put to the test when you have to catch or paddle through oncoming waves, activities such as running, swimming and light weight/high rep training are great for landlocked surfers and those days when the swell doesn’t cooperate.

Surf paddling training is also a fantastic way to stay fit for surfing, but it’s hard to emulate the movements of paddling on a surfboard.

Fortunately, products such as the Surfatom help simulate the act of paddling on a surfboard so you can train in a pool. But when it comes down to it, your paddle endurance is directly linked to your cardiovascular shape, so make sure you’re doing plenty of cardio.

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