SURFATOM Product review by Surfes Hype

Without exaggeration, SURFATOM has truly been a game changer in my surf training routine. I haven’t found any other product or training routine that does so well in emulating the surf movements and targeting my upper back and shoulders to improve my overall paddle endurance and strength.

That being said, it should not stand alone. I still do my regular laps of swimming when training in the pool. Regular swimming is great for your core muscles and overall physique. So I start off by doing 20 laps (Olympic Pool) before finishing the session with my SURFATOM board.

I like to do as many laps with the SURFATOM as possible before my shoulders and upper back starts to feel fatigued. I push do this to build up my resiliency and endurance. Then I rest a bit and finish off by using the leash to get a more static paddle “sprint” where I can focus on paddle speed and get that extra burn!

While the product looks simple, it still comes with a learning curve – just like a regular surfboard. So don’t be frustrated in the beginning. Experiment with your placement on the board for optimal balance and adjust the amount of air to get the right volume.

I’ve been using it for about two months now – and I really have fun with it! – but more importantly, I see a lot of progression in my surf posture and paddle endurance.

Personally, I’m quite tall (187 cm), and I found it better to have my legs below the water surface rather than trying to lie horizontally. Having my legs and feet below the surface instead of level with the surface, gives me more stability and control over the SURFATOM board. The way my chest and upper body fits on the board, gives me a perfect replication of lying on an actual surfboard in the correct paddle position.

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