Daniela Boldini reflects on her Surf Trip to the Mentawais

Barcelona, November 15th, 2022. The Mentawai Islands are at the top of the must-go surf destinations for passionate surfers.

Some of the best waves the Indian Ocean has to be found in front of this Indonesian volcanic archipelago, which makes it a true magnet for surfers from all over the world who travel on strike-missions to its shores, in search of dreamy pipes.

After reading every Mentawai article in magazines / surf blogs, seeing all the videos, and hearing so much about this surfers’ paradise from other friends, the Canarian surfer Daniela Boldini really wanted to visit the Mentawais.

Last summer, as a welcome project to the Blue Banana’s Adrenaline Crew, the 19-year-old surfer got the opportunity to make her dream come true by exploring to this surf mecca on a surf trip of a lifetime. 

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